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My story about concrete decoration and designer starts in the early 2002 in USA. I was always appasionated about art and decorations with various materials. During one my trip to Usa I started working with Ben Ashby a guru in managing the art of concrete design, like riproducing stones, marbles and granite using concrete.
I worked in Las Vegas for a while and in Florida.
In Israel I cooperated in the building of the Askeron Hospital. In 2006 I went to Seychelles where I participated in the construction of the "Mineral Water Source de Pasquer Factory".
I have always loved worked with different type of materials, trying to find the soul of the material itself could be stone, concrete, polystirol, etc.
In 2007 I have started using polystirol as font of art, to create artistic items, like tables, chairs, various objects for the home style. In 2008 my inspiration went to the concrete with which I started creating sculptures and artistic objects for the home furnishings.
I started working with paintings and wall deco, using different layers to give impression of movement.

Going Green
Back from my trip Australia I decided to start an incredible adventure: build my personal house in the middle of a forest in Italy, a special place where time looked like stoped to me. It was an amazing but crazy project since the location was of difficult access. I decided to build the house using a new type of block, that at the time nobody knew: a block made of wood and fibers, very easy and fast to use, which had incredible performances of insolation and eco-friendly.
Areal innovation because in Italy nobody believed in that type of material.
It is my challenge to let professional people know about this innovative material, to start building new eco-friendly houses.

I always look for inspiration in new materials and techniques, hoping to give my handprint to new home design.